It’s almost 2016, which means we’re not only going to be inundated with cheesy New Years resolutions, but also with new video apps. The reason being that, in the nScreenMedia graphic above, Netflix subscriber gains between 2010-2015 are highest in the first and fourth quarters. While this data is only for Netflix subscribers, if publishers see that one of the top SVOD services acquires the most subscribers in the 1st and fourth quarters, they’re likely going to feel more confident releasing their streaming apps around that time.

Why are subscriber gains for SVOD apps so high in the late fall and early winter months? At least for college students, Thanksgiving and winter break can get painfully monotonous, so they turn to streaming services to preoccupy them. One reason why first quarter subscriber gains are so high is since people typically spend more time inside than do they outside in the winter, they once again may find themselves craving a Netflix binge.

It was recently reported that 70% of people between the ages of 18-29 use streaming services. That said, what are other ways that the seasons influence this demographic’s decision to join a streaming service? There are several answers to this question, but which ones are going to benefit your streaming app the most?