Apple’s new release of the iPad Pro yesterday raises some questions about how streaming apps for the new 12.9 inch tablet will differ from streaming apps on iPads.

Lets start with the size of the screen. It’s 12.9 inches, which is over 3.5 inches bigger than the iPad Air. That means you have space for more content trays, more banner ads and more tabs in your menu bar. Also a bigger screen means your video content is going to have an even larger picture when users watch your content.

Then there’s the Apple Pencil, which apparently does feel like a pencil or pen and not a stylus. How can the Apple Pencil enhance a streaming app user experience? Although the stylus is meant more for precision drawing, the stylus could be used to activate certain app features that wouldn’t otherwise be available. For example, while watching a video, a viewer could use the stylus to circle people or names from the video as way of searching the app’s library for more videos with whatever they circled.

While many video publishers will likely update their iOS streaming apps, there will also be many video publishers that keep their iPad Pro & iPad Air streaming apps the same. We’re eager to see how publishers approach updating their streaming apps.