When you hear the word ‘streaming,’ you typically associate it with the Netflix’s and HBO GO’s of the industry. The reality is that the streaming ecosystem extends much further, so if you aren’t a film or TV publisher, you still can have a streaming app.

Before partnering with a video platform, you should have an idea of what kind of streaming app makes the most sense for your content. There are five major categories for streaming apps – Entertainment (Netflix), Sports (ESPN), Education (The Great Courses Plus), News (CNN) and Live TV (LAX Sports Network).

However, the lines between these categories are constantly blurred because publishers either have individual pieces of content that don’t fit into one category or handfuls of content from each category. If your video content doesn’t fall into any of the five aforementioned categories, you can still have a streaming app.

Now that you know the major categories, do you try to create a streaming app with the most comprehensive selection or focus on an individual category? The answer to that question is up to you.