Devices 2

With the recent launch of the tvOS App Store on the new Apple TV, US companies, big and small, have been submitting their streaming and game apps. That said, here are six reasons that your brand should have its own streaming app:

  1. Instead of being mixed into a tray or page with other publishers’ content, your content will be front and center.
  2. If it’s your streaming app, you can curate your content whichever way best increases exposure.
  3. Your content might not be the right fit for another company’s app, so with your own streaming app you can design an app experience that is tailor-made for your content.
  4. You’ll likely have access to a more comprehensive analytics report to help you track overall performance and move forward with your business.
  5. You’ll have the freedom to choose which monetization model best fits your content, which also means you can develop monetization campaigns for individual pieces of content.
  6. The final and most important reason is you determine on which devices (OTT, browsers, mobile, set-top boxes, smart TVs, game consoles) your app will be distributed. You know best which devices will compliment your content best, so having this creative freedom is key.